Product features
  • · Meets the requirement of C-DOCSIS and compatible with DOCSIS2.0 & DOCSIS3.0.
  • · Downstream with16 channels, up to 800Mbps; upstream with 4 channels, up to 160Mbps. Output frequency can be up to 1Ghz, support multicast, mulitcast Qos,
  •     Channel binding multicast.
  • · IPQAM can be extended: BL-E8K downstream with 16 channels can be extended with IPQAM function, suitable for HD on demand largely;
  • · Unified management: realize the unified management of OLT and MiniCMTS, no need any setting during whole installation process of MiniCMTS. Complete
  •     configuration automatically after power on.
  • · Three-in-one design, integrated solution: Node, ONU or IPQAM module can be chosen according to different requirement.
  • · Good NMS(Network Management System) is available: B/S structure, Graphical Interface and malfunction warning, easy to maintenance.
Series products
  • BL-E8ku_V3
  • Three-in-one
  • Indoor
  • BL-E8ku
  • Outdoor
  • BL-E8KII