Product features
  • · Fiber to the home, passive in outdoor, particularly suitable for transformation of rural power network and the new
  •     community.
  • · Diverse product form including ONU, Optical receiver+ONU, Optical receiver+ONU+WIFI, modular design, plug-in
  •    or out on site, suitable for different application occasion;
  • · Professional supplier of Radio Access Network Solutions. FTTH, MiniCMTS, EOC are managed by unified NMS.
  •     Different physical access connection can realize same maintenance.
  • · Member of FTTH standard group, all FTTH equipment can meet the related standard requirement.
  • · Independent research and development, EPON-10G EPON-40G WDN PON, keeping up with technology
  •   development, easy to update in the future.
Series products
  • 1U OLT
  • ONT
  • ONU
  • High density OLT