Product features


·  High performance & flexible scalability: support wire-speed forwarding of all ports, and support Gigabit optical module, meet the demand on high bandwidth.
·  Abundant security strategy: support abundant security functions; realize the bonding of IP, MAC, Port and VLAN to defend ARP attacks and DOS attacks
    effectively; Support special security strategy, which can defend the  attacks based on MAC address so as to achieve the allowing/restricting traffic based on
    MAC address.

·  Strengthen multi-service capability:support limiting traffic to port and traffic restriction function, support rich queue scheduling algorithm so that it can send
    message to the output queue with different priority.

·  Professional lightening proof performance: 6KV lightening proof capability, world leading level.
·  Convenient NMS: remote upgrade is available via FTP, TFTP; support CLI command, Web management and TELENT.

Series products
  • BL S5020-PWR
  • BL S5010-PWR
  • BL S5028-PWR