Strictly conform to the requirement of C-DOCSIS standard. Offers 16 downstream bonded channels for up to 800Mbps, 4 upstream bonded channels for up to 160Mbps. Bidirectional 960Mbps broadband access can be realized. Support 511pcs cable modem on line at same time, fully compatible with DOCSIS2.0 and DOCSIS3.0.

  • · Outdoor IP6 waterproof design, working temperature is -25~75℃;

  • · CATV signal complete mixing inside miniCMTS. Choose 1RF input & 1RF output, 2RF input & 2RFoutput, 4RF input & 4RF output  according to the output of optical receiver.

  • · Power supply: 220V/60V;

  • · Support 60V over electric, over current is 10A;

  • · Up-link network interface can be optical or electrical

  • · ONU as option can be inside

  • · Support to extend IPQAM inside