High density OLT

      High-density OLT GEPON series is the high-end access OLT device which combine multi-service and it is also a high-end distributed routing switch. It offers both GEPON and 10GEPON service card which can support 16*GEPON port or 8*10GEPON port. The whole high-density OLT can support 128*GEPON port and 64*10GEPON port, which can realize the convergence of high-density OLT and key switch easily.


  • · Reliability: many key module like power can be backup with 1:1, meet the rigorous requirement;
  • · Advanced system construction: adopt distribution and modular design, ensure the service capability and high extension
  •   capability.
  • · Powerful  VAS (value-added services) function: Support to switch L2/L3/L4 line speed, support QoS, MPLS,NAT,bandwidth
  •   control, multicast etc.
  • · Big capacity and high performance:support Routing packet forwarding capacity,up to 1.4Tbps
  • · High port density & line-speed routing and switch: diverse port type such as 10GE,GE,FE,GEPON,10GEPON etc
  • · Powerful security function: support ACL security filter and MPLS VPN features, at the same time, support different priority
  •   for port and input &output bandwidth limitation based on flow, uRPF, anti-DOS attack,SSH2.0 safety management, 802.1x
  •   access accreditation and transfer,VLAN ID
  •   and MAC address,port number, IP address bonding etc.
  • · Support IPv6: realize all IPv6 Protocol
  • · Support layer2 and layer 3 MPLSVPN: Layer2 MPLS VPN support Martini protocol (VPWS) and VPLS; Layer3 MPLS VPN
  •   adopts RFC2547bis, better compatibility.