BL-ONT14e is the intelligent ONU terminal products with 4*fast port and CATV convergence. It can realize the free combination of optical receiver, WIFI module and PON module and conforms to 802.3ah international standard and YD/T 1475-2006 as well as CTC EPON standard of CHINA TELECOM, has better operation and adaptability so that it can work with most OLT equipment from other popular supplier.


■ Excellent access performance

   Support symmetry 1Gbps PON delivery speed, working with OLT from lancable, can realize optical divide ration with 1:64,
   network coverage can be up to 20km.

■ Safe service supportability

   Support VLAN, spanning tree, port isolation, ACL,QoS, security filtering, storm control etc.

■ Delicacy service control

   Support DBA and Rate-Limit function, advanced dynamic bandwidth distribution and specific bandwidth limitation, which
   make all users can share 1Gbps more reliably. Support QoS to realize better service quality and ensure service priority of
   different service.

■ Abundant OAM function

   Support FTTH extension OAM standard, standard & extension OAM defined by CTC2.1/3.0, including configuration,
   warning, monitoring, error isolation and security management etc. 

■ Comprehensive compatibility

   Conforms to IEEE802.3ah international standard, YD/T 1475-2006, FTTH interconnection standards and latest
   requirement of CTC2.1/3.0, can work with OLT device from popular supplier easily so as to minimize the cost of network